Case Deck Torque Plates

  • Autocraft case deck torque plates are manufactured from 1.25″ thick 4142 surface ground and preheat treated hard plate.
  • The plates are installed during the case assembly process and maintain perfect registration by utilizing two small alignment pins.
  • The plates are intended to more evenly distribute the clamping forces from the 6 main studs across the case deck surface eliminating the concentrated stresses and potential distortion of the main line.
  • The plates eliminate the nuts and washers from galling the machined deck surfaces of the case halves.
  • The cylinders bear directly on the plates also distributing the clamping forces from the head studs more evenly onto the deck surface and eliminating the cylinders from cutting into the machined deck surface.
  • The recommended case stud torque is increased to a minimum of 50 foot pounds which will help alleviate the fretting on the inside surface of the case halves around the main line area.
  • Every Autocraft case is torqued with these plates installed prior to the main line boring process.

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