• Autocraft Machine cylinders are manufctures from centrifugally spun, cast iron alloy blanks.  We purchase our blanks from the industry quality leader. 
  • The Autocraft moly iron cylinders are a chrome moly iron alloy that is sufficient for most high performance applications. 
  • The Autocraft ductile iron cylinders are a nodular iron alloy recommended for severe duty turbo charged or nitrous applications. 
  • Autocraft cylinders are machined in house on our new Haas CNC lathe using custom made tooling specific for our application. 
  • Autocraft cylinders are finished to the nominal size on our newly refurbished Sunnen CK-10 Cylinder King.  We use Sunnen stones and honing oil exclusively to insure complete and immediate ring seal.  Our honing process is a result of years of experience with race winning engines.  Each set of cylinders is supplied with a honing data sheet specifying the correct stones, speeds and feeds for refinishing. 
  • Autocraft cylinders are stocked uncut at 5.5 inches (and 6.0 inches 94 only) in length and are custom finish cut to length at your request at no additional cost. 
  • Refer to the Cylinder Specification spreadsheet for dimensional data on stock cylinders.  We provide custom cuts on the top and bottom extensions to your requirements.

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